Fuel Surcharges

Due to the continuing rise in fuel prices, it is necessary to implement a fuel surcharge on the rates for services. The surcharge will apply to the net invoiced amount for shipments.

The fuel surcharge will be adjusted on a monthly basis to account for fluctuations in the cost of fuel. Details of the surcharge will be updated each month and the latest rate will be shown on this web page.

Please note that the fuel surcharge below only applies to courier shipments. On all freight shipments fuel and bunker surcharges will be quoted at the time.

Shipment date Rate
July  28.25 %
June 28.25 %
May 27.50 %
April  27.00 %
March 26.50 %
February  26.50 %
January  26.50 %
December  26.50 %
November  26.50 %
October  25.50 %
September  25,00 %
August  25,00 %