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09-10-2012South African Transport Strike Hits Fuel Supplies

South Africa is in the middle of a strike which has entered into its second week and is turning pretty violent at the moment.


Seabourne has had 4 trucks badly damaged and two drivers that have been seriously manhandled . We have had as of today a 65% turnout on labour and fortunately holding out for the time being .


Fuel shortages are unfortunately going to be our next problem with many Petrol stations not having Diesel at the moment .The frequency of violence is expected to increase as the unions press on harder on their  demands .

Government has fortunately  finally started to try to mediate .


Many main areas have become "no go" zones due to the violence they are as follows.


*         East London -no deliveries taking place


*         Johannesburg -central ,East Rand ,South Rand and Olifantsfontein


*         Ermelo,Secunda,Bethal,Middleburg


*         Cape town - violence around airport and Epping 


*         Durban -Pinetown ,Westmead


*         Port Elizabeth -sporadic outburst


*         Pietersburg (Polokwane )-no deliveries for two days


We would ask you to inform your customers on possible delays due to the situation.

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